Team-Build vs Design Build
Team-Build vs Design Build   David F. Schultz Associates, LTD—Specialists since 1986 in the design of churches and facilities for church-based ministries in Barrington, IL.
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What is "Team"—Build?:

  • A team composed of the CHURCH, Architect and Contractor working together for the best interests of the CHURCH, without the conflicts of interest inherent to Design-Build.

  • The General Contractor is hired by the CHURCH early in the project with a two-part guaranteed contact:
    —PART ONE: Pre-construction consulting and cost-estimating services.
    —PART TWO: Competitive bidding to sub-contractors and construction services.

  • The CHURCH is the decision maker regarding the quality of space, and quality of materials and systems.

We would be pleased to explore this exciting and time-tested method of project delivery with you in more detail.

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